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Consulting, audit and analysis

We thoroughly study the online presence of your brand or company as well as of the sector and competitors. We analyse crucial information on the net such as data on public, possible customers and launching strategies.

This prior analysis allows us to know the impact of your activity on the net and detect technical and communication shortcomings. Afterwards, we set the objectives to reach for your investment on online actions to be profitable.

Consulting, audit and analysis

Planning of communication strategies

We develop the communication strategy for your brand or company in order to improve its positioning on the Internet. According to the planned objectives, we decide the actions to take and messages to communicate.

We execute entire campaigns for digital marketing taking into account SEO in the web architecture and managed webcasting services such as infomails, banners, adwords and social networks.

We undertake your project as ours. We focus on the perfect execution of the strategy and deal with the results obtained.

Creation and development of content

We create, manage and broadcast online contents on the net. We are professionals specialised in the following areas:

Creation and development of content


We generate electronic or classic designs for online and offline environments. The differences in designing in and out the net go beyond colours and formats. The Internet has its own language, that we respect and support.


We entirely develop portals, websites, microsites, online shops and applications. Every area of creation is fully involved in the projects to favour workflow and obtain optimal results.

Content drafting:

We write articles for specialised or corporate blogs, advertising texts and press releases. We make the content of your company to be interesting for the reader and for your positioning on the Internet. We believe in the importance on how you say it.


We make photographic works adapted to different uses with state-of-the-art technical equipments. We create each image expressly for banners, articles or web headers. Projects should work visually like a single piece for communication to be effective.


We produce all type of videos: corporate, institutional and promotional. We are experienced in generating audiovisuals for both the Internet and television and events. Besides, we have an impeccable technical team which ensure the quality of images.


We care for the sound of our audiovisuals for your message to be clearly listened. We also stand for audio as a communication tool through podcasts and online radio. This content increases on the Internet daily because of its easy and appealing consumption.

Online presence

Online presence is key to your brand or company on the Internet. For that reason, it should be correct and in accordance with the nature of your business. A solid image is achieved through a correct strategy. As a large or small company your consumers are searching you on the net and you cannot afford to miss the opportunity. We offer you different online actions, always meeting your brand or company needs:


With your web you start your online presence. We develop comprehensive projects for corporate websites and onsite and business projects to ensure your Presence on the Internet.

Online presence

Digital corporatisation:

Your company is a whole, also on the Internet. We ensure that your business easily internalises its online activity in order processing, image in email templates or personalisation of corporate mobile devices. On and off communication should converge as much as possible.


If you cannot be found, you do not exist. We optimise your web for your searchers to index it among the first results with contents rich in SEO, adwords campaigns, and redesign of the online architecture of your company.


An important tool for your communication campaign. We create specific webs with dynamic content to promote your product, offer or event. With these microsites we refine the communication generating better results.

Audiovisual content:

The power of images is what matters. We make and produce videos adapted to the different online platforms. In addition, we study its broadcasting and location on the Internet.

Email marketing:

Connect with your public. We design, issue and audit email, marketing or mailing campaigns. Email communication is one of the most effective actions to send your customers relevant information on your company.

Social networks:

Focus on quality. We study your brand or company to take advantage of the social network potential. Choose the correct message and know if your public is on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Google plus.

Communication office

If you want to be a benchmark in your sector, start by communicating well. We support companies and institutions to improve their image, both inside and outside their organisation. A negative journalistic headline may damage the image of a company or institution. For that reason, communication is fundamental to avoid or counteract this situation.

With an effective corporate communication you will achieve, as a company, a more competitive positioning in the markets and as an institution, greater transparency towards society. There are different tools to achieve such objectives:

Communication office
Communication office

Relationship with the media:

We manage information on your company for the media and propose actions to broadcast messages on occasional news, events, promotions, awards, new products and achievements.

Press releases:

We design and write press releases, on the basis of journalistic criteria, to catch the attention of the media and achieve wider dissemination of your company’s message among the audience.

Press call and its development:

Press conferences help communicate important messages. To ensure the media coverage, we study the convening power of the message, the place and time it is going to be developed and call the press. We also plan the play-list of the press call, spread information notes and study its effects.

Press campaigns:

The best way for a target audience to know novelties or events through the media. We define the message to transmit, specify the objectives of that communication, set a calendar for actions and act.

Communication plans:

It is essential to translate the company’s global strategy into an image plan that is developed and controlled through communication techniques. This means a great involvement between the communication manager and the company’s management team. We develop plans adapted to the reality of each organisation.

Digital press centres:

For those organisations generating a large amount of information contents, organising all its information in a digital press room is the best way to make it accessible to journalists, customers and suppliers.



E-commerce sites (shops)

We build sales platforms designed to convey trust and security. We also facilitate its implementation in the company workflow.

Adwords campaigns

An efficient adwords campaign accelerates your online business growth. It is of outmost importance when launching certain products or services.

Landing pages

Landing pages are part of the online sales architecture for commercial promotions. We care for the design and follow up the campaigns.


Infomails campaigns

Your brand is the main character in infomail campaigns. This dissemination action is complex but effective to attract and retain customers. An email campaign is successful when having an impeccable data base and an appealing newsletter design. We measure its impact to always improve results.

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