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Immersive Virtual Reality development with sense of presence. A professional highly-qualified team to take on projects with top guarantee. We work with state-of-the-art technical resources. We carry out:

• Development of virtual reality experiences.
• Creation and reproduction of virtual scenarios.
• Analysis and programming of interactive environments.

Immersive experience

Immersive experience

Next-gen graphs

Next-gen graphs

Now it is possible

Immersive Virtual Reality is possible thanks to the technology development of specific hardware and software. The hardware recent development allows us to enjoy virtual scenarios where separating fiction from reality is difficult.

GTX 1080
MSI Virtual Reality

Realism and performance

We are a VR company creating experiences with the highest level of realism and maximum performance in real time. This is a real example of VR development. This is not a video 360.

Kitcken in virtualo reality
Inversión realidad virtual


Immersive VR experiences are achieved through projects developed with software (graphics engines and 3D modelling programs) and hardware (HMD, computer, controls, etc.). We ensure full immersion in each experience with a great dose of realism and comfort for the user thanks to three key factors:

  • Professional equipment qualified for impeccable execution of the immersive experience.
  • Technical optimisation for a stable and fluent performance.
  • High performance devices for a perfect reproduction.

Our showroom in Virtual Reality

Audiovisual revolution and, industrial?

Oculus Rift 2015 Conference

Oculus Rift 2015 Conference

Sony HMD presentation

Sony HMD presentation

HTC and Valve create an HMD

HTC and Valve create an HMD

Now companies have the chance to offer their consumers an immersive virtual reality experience, bringing this technology to their production patterns in order to make products closer to the end costumers as never before. There is a wide scope for possible uses of Immersive Virtual Reality. Some of their examples are as follows:


• Medicine
• Science
• Industry
• Architecture
• Culture
• Tourism


• Design and development of virtual prototypes of products
• Marketing and sales tool / product and brand promotion
• Recreation of architectural spaces
• Research / engineering / teaching
• Videogames / entertainment
• Tourist dissemination

Testimonies of VR environment

Palmer Luckey, Inventor y Fundador de Oculus Rift

"I think that education will be one of the main uses of the virtual reality. Also applications for architecture and all type of images and medical training, (...) but education is where it will be most used".

Palmer Luckey
Inventor and Founder of Oculus Rift

Jason Kingsley, Creative Director and co-founder of Rebellion

"For most of you Project Morpheus and Virtual Reality make a new and exciting change in technology (...) it is a celebration of creativity and artistic talent (...). The truth is that Virtual Reality is not new. It has simply been developing continuously since 2015, when it finally settled at the peak of the current of thought."

Jason Kingsley
Creative Director and co-founder of Rebellion

Ken Balough, Marketing Manager of PlayStation for Latin America

“We are focussed on creating new experiences in videogames but Morpheus (Sony HMD) is not limited only to this category as it can facilitate the work of engineers, e-learning and numerous applications”

Ken Balough
Marketing Manager of PlayStation for Latin America


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