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Comercial Lobot boosts its On line image with DDInteractiva

Comercial Lobot is convinced that a professional presence in the Internet to reach customers is of the utmost importance. Therefore, it has boosted its brand On Line with DDInteractiva team.

The first objective has been to convey the reality of the company as closely as possible through images of the facilities, staff and products they sell from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria to the entire Iberian Peninsula.

For this reason, the web is very visual and has very descriptive images of Comercial Lobot quality and professionalism, becoming an open window for customers and suppliers. Nothing less could be expected, as this firm works with well known national and international suppliers.


In order to show the leading position that Comercial Lobot has in the industry and construction sectors, DDInteractiva has thoroughly worked on the development of an original, comprehensible and interesting content with texts that have been optimised for SEO and high quality specific photography.

The web architecture and design have been fundamental to increase attractiveness of a site, where users can find, just with one click, the best products for construction, lighting, marking, computing / office automation and services.


The company’s human potential is also clearly reflected through a section in the web that describes the company’s performance, which was set up in 1977. Each one of the employees who have participated in the growth of the company, headed by  Irga Gara Botello, General Manager, have an important role in this section.

Irga Gara, Comercial Lobot General Manager

In a word, with this work DDInteractiva has perfectly reflected the reality of a company that works with top brands only, and is strongly committed to offering its customers the best service. In fact, this site will include an On Line store soon.

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