Pagina web I Love Roquetas desarrollada por DDinteractiva

I Love Roquetas commissions DDInteractiva its On line presence

The private initiative, I Love Roquetas or I Love Aguadulce, which was carried out in the municipality of Roquetas de Mar, has commissioned DDInteractiva to design its web. It is an action grouping a wide and select offer of stores and premises for users of a bracelet, with which they will have interesting discounts.

DDInteractiva has been in charge of developing a professional and advertising image, through the web that is based on a solid and safe programming, which has been particularly designed for this project.

Much of the work has involved the preparation of photographic material and fact sheets of each store or premise, taking into account the SEO aspects that will favour fast indexing by browsers, but also to offer users an interesting offer I love Roquetas.


The public of this initiative is wide, from Roquetas de Mar inhabitants to tourists or people who have a second home in this town. People only need to buy an “I love Roquetas” bracelet that costs 2.50€. This bracelet is available at more than 40 points of sale, mainly at hotels in the town and retailers that have joined this initiative. The user will have a wide range of discounts in more than 70 stores and premises.


Get your bracelet and enjoy attractive offers.

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