DDinteractiva en startify 7

DDInteractiva takes part in Startify 7 with Virtual Reality

The communication agency DDInteractiva, specialising in the generation of Premium actions, has been one of the companies invited to take part in Startify 7 summer school that was held in the University of Almería from 4 to 15 July.

DDInteractiva showed young Europeans, who want to become business people, its experience in the production of Immersive Virtual Reality scenarios, activity in which DDInteractiva has specialised since 2014.

José Enrique Gómez, the Managing Director, has highlighted that “the recent hardware development allows users to enjoy virtual scenarios where it is difficult to separate fiction from reality”.  This could be proven by students, who participated in this summer school, with an exhibition of the most immersive experiences in Lecture Room IV of the campus. There they could see how 3D interactive environments, which have been developed by the agency, come to life when the user interacts with them. “The technical quality is what allows users to enjoy a real and impressive experience” Gómez says.


Virtual Reality can develop experiences for the advertising field as this technology provides companies with new and attractive formats with the subsequent differential aspect.

Virtual Reality can be used in many fields: video games, teaching, engineering, marketing and sales tools and virtual prototypes of products.


Large companies are developing specific hardware and software for Virtual Reality.  Gómez says that “It is a revolution in all respects because there will be many companies opting for this sector. However, if the quality level of these scenarios is high, the potential of this technology will be really used. Otherwise, the experience will not be entirely satisfactory”.