DDInteractiva creates the virtual reality experience ‘Virtual House VR’

The communication agency DDInteractiva, Development and Dissemination, has created ‘Virtual House VR’, a Virtual Reality scenario suitable for companies, in sectors like furniture, aeronautics or architecture, that want to offer their customers impressive and different experiences.

In a more and more complex and competitive market, differentiating, getting ahead of the competition with a Virtual Reality experience, which provides the customer with an added value, can be an excellent strategy.  Therefore, although ‘Virtual House VR’ is particularly focused on these applications, it can be adapted to companies that seek to provide Virtual Reality experiences centred on materials for finishes, coatings, furniture or paint.

With ‘Virtual House VR’, users may select the colour of the walls and floor with their own hands; it also allows users to choose the finish of countertops and furniture and even the background music of this virtual space. In addition, users can move from one area to another, moving around the room, which is recreated in a virtual environment with an impressive level of quality.  In this way, users can personalise the design of their future homes or refurbishment by choosing the material and checking how those materials look before buying them. In conclusion, ‘Virtual House VR’ helps users in their purchase decision becoming an excellent marketing tool for companies.

Virtual House VR User

Its designers ensure that “Virtual House VR”, stands out, among other applications, for its graphical quality and faithful recreation of the original material so that users enjoy a real “Virtual Reality” immersive experience. José Enrique Gómez, DDInteractiva Managing Director, states that “we work with the highest technical requirements to allow greater interaction between the user and experience. In this way we get the effect we want, it is to say, blurring even more the limits that separate what is real and what is not”.

Technically, ‘Virtual House VR’ has been developed on the basis of a base environment that is optimised to the maximum by DDInteractiva for each Virtual Reality experience. Therefore, ‘Virtual House VR’ can be offered to companies at competitive prices. Another advantage is that development times are reduced so that it can be available for companies that want to purchase this Premium marketing tool, without forgetting that ‘Virtual House VR’ can be technically adapted to different sectors. Gómez, ensures that “Let’s say that instead of using this application for the real state sector we want to apply it to the aeronautics sector. In this case, it would be adapted according to the project specifications under request and previous study. Functionality and configuration of the experience is adapted to the needs of the product or service to be promoted”.” We also should consider the soul of the product or service to be sold, after having analysed the problems and needs of the company and its customers”.