Higher quality in the El Plantel new professional web

The marketing and Internet content-production agency, DDInteractiva, has developed the Semilleros El Plantel new professional web, an agricultural seedbed in Almería leading the production of plants for all types of vegetal growing, with maximum guarantees of quality and success for harvesting.

This seedbed has committed itself to the development of a new professional web showing the quality level of its products, technological innovation of its facilities and specialised treatment to farmers.


But the most important of all, El Plantel Semilleros has chosen an agency like DDInteractiva, which has applied the latest technology on adaptive or adaptable web design for the site to be perfectly displayed on all mobile devices and positioned before competitors.


Currently, few companies in the fruit and vegetable sector in Almería and the auxiliary industry are aware that the web is their main business card on the Internet for customers, suppliers and competitors all over the world. The web is part of a brand image that should be communicated outside, tasks that must be carried out by qualified and experienced professionals.

While the agricultural sector in Almería does not worry about communicating its image, countries such as Germany, the Netherlands, France and Turkey are taking advantage of the business opportunities on the net, where competition is huge.

Are you going to wait until competitors sweep you away on the Internet?