Say no to pages under construction and opt for micropresence

Imagine that you need your company to be present on the Internet urgently before developing your future web. You will certainly have thought of buying a domain and launching your web with a message saying “page under construction” in order to justify the lack of content and design. If so, forget this idea as it can do great damage to you.  Instead, we recommend you to opt for “micropresence”, a concept we named from our experience.

Micropresence is the minimal presence your company should have online while the new web is being developed and you need your customers to find you on the Internet. Let’s say that it is like your business card.


To illustrate this point better, we are using the micropresence we have developed for Grupo OTTO as an example. Advantages are as follows:

  • It has an appealing, simple and interesting design for the user. In this way, what is being searched can be easily found.
  • Strengthens your brand image and advances further contents of your new web.
  • Visits are made profitable. With a page under construction, you are not taking advantage of the visits to your web and create a negative experience for the user, who has taken the trouble to search you and finally found “under construction”.
  • Offers better positioning in search engines. In a page under construction you can work the SEO for browsers to index you, but in future visits Google robots will penalise you if nothing new is offered.
  • You can keep your micropresence active for 3-4 months until your future web is ready for launching, without missing future visits because of a bad image.

We hope we have given you enough reasons to say no to “pages under construction” and opt for micropresence. We think the Internet is not a highway or road to place notices saying “under construction”. Competition on the Internet is brutal and you cannot miss a visit to attract a future customer.