Desarrollo de experiencia en realidad virtual

Potential of Virtual Reality for companies

Although we are expecting much from what is to come thanks to the virtual reality technology, we must be realistic because when we are going through an unexplored field, we have the risk of getting lost.

Considering that headphones started to be distributed in June 2016, the present situation is that we are half way of the first stage (knowing the technology). At this point, almost everybody has heard about virtual reality and knows that certain devices are needed. But, the confusion between video 360 and immersive reality continues existing.

Taking into account that the content offer is the next stage, we think that it should be produced this present year, now it is the ideal time for companies to get down to work if their objective is to innovate and be positioned in respect to its customers.  Have you tried the immersive virtual reality? At this point, if you are a professional in the marketing field, you should have clear ideas on the possibilities of interaction, movement and immersion of a virtual reality real experience.

Possibilities of virtual reality are impressing. In our demonstrations, held at DDInteractiva, we have seen all type of reactions. Doubtless, the most comforting reactions are when the user becomes aware of what this change involves. Imagination flies fast and very high. We recommend keeping our feet on the ground and having experiences of high technical and visual quality, a real immersion and a specific purpose.

If in 2016 innovation was focused in hardware, this year we are expecting the first business immersive experiences. Which ones having their own content and amazing their public will be the first to be positioned? We will see!