Bahía Delicious starts its web of organic food

The newly created organic food brand, ‘Bahía Delicious’, launches its web to position itself on the Internet. With the objective of expansion, this company from Andalucía has commissioned DDInteractiva to make its website. The challenge is to reach consumers all over the world with a simple and clear environment.

DDInteractiva has taken special care to the site appearance, providing it with an appealing design inviting the surfer to consume ‘Bahía Delicious’ organic products, which are grown near the park Sierra Nevada, in Granada.


‘Bahía Delicious’ web is designed in a responsive way for the user to view it through different electronic devices, which facilitates surfing and makes it interesting to browsers.

‘Bahía Delicious’ brand supports a healthy lifestyle with the consumption of its organic products, which are made by farmers in the traditional way and following the traditional cultivation techniques.

In accordance with this line of communication, the agency has used the universal language of images to strengthen the qualities of Bahía Delicious products, which stand out for their aroma, flavour and colour.


Bahiadelicious-iphone 2

DDInteractiva Project Manager, Quique Gómez, insists that “on the Internet, companies do not measure their force by their size, but by the power of their online image and communication”. ‘Bahía Delicious’ web is an example that “a web is the first step to reach potential customers worldwide”.