DDInteractiva develops the “Feel You Different” online shop

The marketing and Internet content-production agency, DDInteractiva, has created the online shop-platform “Feel You Different”, which offers customised and personalised products for consumers.

This new “Hand made” web is characterised by having a fresh and daring style, product of the FYD philosophy. DDInteractiva has expressed that philosophy in the web design, both in graphic and visual aspects, as well as the architecture of the shop itself.


The agency has worked with colour ranges providing youth and ease, using high quality images and with a warm tone to create the atmosphere wanted.  Connecting with the public directly has also been achieved through clear surfing that allows access to products easily.

During the shop development, DDInteractiva has taken into account the essential e-commerce principles: transparency, user confidence, easy usability and care of the image of the brand, product and company.

The platform design has also been optimised for online-shop search engines. This means fast loading of the site, correct visibility on mobile devices, optimisation of texts and tags of each section of the site. The web is also adapted to mobile phones to facilitate selling anywhere at any time.



With “Feel You Different” you can meet the need of being different because if that possibility exists, you cannot miss it. Don’t you think so?