DDInteractiva creates the NaturPlás web, experts in plastics

With images of the plastic sea of Almería and highlighting the quality of NaturPlás plastics and meshes, DDInteractiva, a development and dissemination agency, has created this firm’s web, which specialises in this type of products for agricultural use as well as films for food preservation.


Coinciding with the Fruit Attraction fair in Madrid, NaturPlás customers will have more detailed information on this new web site.

In the updating of NaturPlás web, DDInteractiva has taken into account the design and style, both in typography and graphic resources. One of the main aspects is that it is programmed with current language, optimised for browsers, focussed on browsers positioning and adapted to mobile devices.


This web consists of six sections in which the company’s products, history and performance are highlighted as well as the company’s services and investment in R&D and Innovation. This company belongs to Grupo Polivouga.

With regards to research, this web highlights the continuous contact the company has with farmers in order to develop innovating proposals for meeting the customers’ requirements.

In addition, the presence of the company’s experienced technical team stands out with images and messages in which NaturPlás workers appear.


There is no doubt that with this new image NaturPlás has differentiated itself from competitors in a very positive way.