Creams Solfrio Spot

Solfrío continues to be committed to its digital image with DDInteractiva

Solfrío digital image, performed by DDInteractiva, shows interesting developments. This company has widen its range of products with the incorporation of Solfrío creams, which are ideal for this season, and has renewed its image with a fresh, light and natural touch.

To do that, DDInteractiva has created new headers in the web that provide a natural expression to the rich selection of Solfrío products such as creams, gazpacho (cold vegetable soup, mainly tomatoes) and salmorejo (creamy tomato soup).

Solfrío new digital image

It has included new photographic content and new sections in which the health benefits provided by Solfrío creams stand out, as the main objective is to produce the desire of consuming Solfrío products because they are the best allies for being healthy without compromising taste.

Solfrio Creams Spot

DDInteractiva team is proud of being a part of Solfrío digital growth. This company has trusted on this agency since 2013 and has achieved important improvements on online reputation, digital image and web positioning, which results in an increase in consumers.