DDInteractiva uses the potential of images in Nutrientes Alvi web

Explaining an abstract concept with images produces an immediate effect on the user. It is proven that it is easier to remember a photo than a text, particularly when we are exposed to a large amount of information. Nutrientes Alvi website, developed by DDInteractiva, the marketing and Internet content-production agency, leverages the power of images to transmit the sensation of quality of organic fertilisers and nutrients for plants.

The user should perceive the advantages of buying a product and the best way is to show its results. For that reason, DDInteractiva includes in the web a gallery with more than 100 photos of plants and fruits treated with fluid fertilisers and Nutrientes (nutrients) Alvi.  The Designer and web Producer, José López, ensures that “unlike other webs about fertilisers, this one offers original images that have been created to obtain an impeccable and functional design”.


All these visual resources cannot be supported without  good site usability. In the web we have opted for development from the beginning and without limitations, which favours the fast loading of information. It also has a CMS for the blog section where the farmer can have information on the main illnesses, measures to take for a perfect fruit-setting and plant flowering.

Without doubt, the blog will help position the web with original contents but the analysis readings carried out periodically will also play an important role. The Analyst and web Developer, Raúl López, insists that “data should be frequently checked in order to make modifications that improve its positioning”.